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The purpose of the dataset Binucleate is to distinguish a binucleate cellular phenotype from normal cells. The binucleate phenotype signals a failure in cell division, and is a common phenotypic target when screening for genes or compounds that effect cell division. A large proportion of chemotheraputic agents used for cancer treatment interfere with cell division as their primary mode of action.

These are cells from D. melanogaster. The images are acquired at 60x using a fluorescence microscope and a flurescent dye that targets DNA (DAPI). The images were acquired robotically as part of a high-throughput screen, so there is no human-based quality control.

The classes are:



The source for this dataset is Aaron Straight

Download this dataset

Wndchrm performance report using Binucleate

Feature file for Binucleate (3.0 MB)